• Commonwealth International Series Trust

  • Welcome to the International/Global Markets

    Through continuing efforts to standardize reporting, accounting and other pertinent investment information, we believe equity markets globally have become excellent sources of the needed investment capital.

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  • Commonwealth International Series Trust

    By identifying specific strengths of certain countries and then "drilling down" where the greatest debt of knowledge exists, many years of international investing experience can be leveraged.

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"The Commonwealth Funds"

The investment advisors to the Commonwealth International Series Trust "the Commonwealth Funds", continue to be interested in owning companies that identify the future needs of the citizens of the developing nations and then produce goods and services to meet those demands.

International/Global Markets

As alliances between developing countries and governments continue to expand and the needs of the citizens of these countries become more evident, capital is attracted for investment in the production of goods and services designed to meet the needs.


Our philosophy is derived from a persistent drive to research, select and invest for the long-term in quality companies with strong fundamentals and attractive valuations.

Fund Management

The Commonwealth Funds are managed with integrity and professionalism to pursue optimal performance.

Superior Service

We are committed to providing clients with the best value and service in the industry.

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